If they don't have equipment like this, ask a lot of questions!

We feel it is very important that you make an informed decision on who will clean your duct work. The state of Oklahoma does not require anyone to have a license to do this work. Therefore it is up to you as the consumer to know all the facts. Since the state does not require a company to have a license to do this work, there are some key points that should be asked when considering getting your home cleaned:

1. Do they use chemicals to "seal" the dust and debris to the walls of your duct work?

2. Here is some more information on our machine and the procedures we use: Our machine is a truck mounted vacuum with a 65 Horsepower gasoline engine that pulls 15,000 CFM vacuum. Our machine also has an air compressor that produces 165 P.S.I. of air pressure.

3. For more information on how we actually clean your duct work as well as furnace, please take a look at our detailed page about how we clean a typical home. Or feel free to call us at 752-1608, or you can e-mail us at info@oklahomaductcleaning.com